Enhanced Resource Facility


Within Reigate Primary & Nursery School both deaf and hearing cultures are respected, creating a deaf aware and deaf friendly school.  We are extremely proud of our commitment to inclusivity.

What is the Enhanced Resource Facility?

The Enhanced Resource Facility (ERF) caters for a maximum of twenty six deaf children.  The children range from Nursery age to Year 6 and are fully integrated within the school’s mainstream classes.  Specialist staff are employed in support of the children.  These include Teachers of the Deaf, Teaching Assistants for the Deaf, who develops British Sign Language skills.  A Speech and Language Therapist works regularly in school to develop the children’s spoken language skills.

What can the Enhanced Resource Facility offer? 

  • All the benefits of mainstream education, with extra support;
  • Signed support and additional visual materials in all aspects of school life;
  • Hearing and non-hearing children learning together;
  • Close liaison between home and school;
  • Regular progress reviews;
  • Fully qualified staff;
  • A Total Communication approach: Spoken English, British Sign Language (Levels 2 and 3), Sign Supported English, pictures, symbols;
  • A commitment to providing the best education for your child, whatever their hearing loss;
  • Extra-curricular activities;
  • Deaf adult role model;
  • Audiology advice from the Children’s Hospital including earmould impressions and threshold testing;
  • A wide range of professionals including: Speech and Language Therapy, Educational Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy;
  • Sign graphic/symbol based computer programmes to support understanding;
  • PSPs for home/school use;
  • FM radio aid system used throughout school;
  • Soundfield systems in some classrooms


“The staff are brilliant at helping and supporting my son.  He is doing so well!  The facilities are great.  Its good my son can mix with deaf and hearing peers.”

“Excellent support and excellent staff  who are very helpful and supportive!”  

“We were initially worried about sending our child to Reigate.  But now, four years on, it is the best place with the best of staff who really care,and really support.  In short, brilliant deaf awareness in the school!”