EYFS Curriculum


Early Years Foundation Stage


The Early Years Foundation Stage is split into two phases. The first phase, Foundation Stage One (Nursery) is where your child attends part time from the term after their third birthday. The second stage is known as Foundation Stage Two or Reception.  This is the first year that your child will spend in full time education.


The Early Years Foundation Stage aims to help your child develop the skills they need as they grow, learn and develop. A qualified teacher works in each of the Foundation Stage classrooms as well as a Teaching Assistant.  There are two Reception classes who work as a unit, accessing both classrooms and the outdoor area everyday.  The Nursery children learn outside in the same area and we often share experiences and learning together.


We use objective led planning whereby we choose the objectives from the Early Years Curriculum that our children need to cover (personal to their needs) and the children choose how to achieve this.  For example the objective may be to touch count to 10, instead of a set activity we will capture children wherever they are, for example, the lego, and encourage them to touch count the lego in the tower they are building.  This makes the learning relevant to them and helps young children form better connections as they have something that interests them to 'hold' their learning to.


We aim to provide a stimulating, happy and secure environment with interesting activities to help children develop lively, enquiring minds. Children are encouraged to choose activities set out in our continuous provision and use a variety of resources.  In this way, they develop confidence, self-reliance and independence so they are able to 'aim high and succeed together'.


Catherine Pope

Early Years Leaders

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