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Contact details for SENCO

Contact details for SENCO/SEN Phase Leaders

Sally Harrison, Assistant Headteacher /SENCO TEL: 01332 298969 or via email at

Gemma Brockley, KS2 SEN Phase Leader TEL: 01332 298969 or via email at 

Kate Pearce, KS1/FS SEN Phase Leader TEL: 01332 298969 or via email at 

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Reigate Park

Reigate Park Primary School is a larger than average mainstream school of 370 pupils which was newly built in June 2015. It is situated within the Mackworth area of Derby. The school is built on 2 levels with a lift available. Reigate Park Primary School has been working in collaboration with Ash Croft and Cottons Farm Primary Federation since April 2016. We educate children within the primary age range, 3 -11 years, including hearing impaired children.  The school has a Sound Field System in every classroom as well as in the hall.

Consulting with parents and young people

At Reigate Park we actively encourage parents to be involved in their children’s education. Parents will be involved in all stages of the SEND procedure, beginning when initial concerns are expressed. Parents who are concerned about any issues regarding SEND should, in the first instance, contact school and discuss their concerns with the Class Teacher/SENCO/SEN Phase Leaders or any other member of staff involved with their child’s education.  If a parent feels their concerns have not been resolved then they may follow the school’s complaints procedure.

Assessment and Review

All teachers are responsible for identifying children with SEND and, in collaboration with the SENCO/SEN Phase Leaders, will ensure that those pupils requiring different or additional support are identified at an early stage.  Assessment is the process by which children with SEND can be identified and targets reviewed.

Transition Arrangements

If a child transfers between schools all details relating to SEND are transferred with them. If this transfer is within the authority the SENCO/SEN Phase Leaders make sure the receiving school is fully aware of the child’s needs and of any outside agencies involved with the child.  Where children transfer to secondary school, liaison is arranged between SENCO/SEN Phase Leaders, class teacher and receiving school as part of the normal transfer arrangements.


SEND Teaching

Children with Special Educational Needs are taught within a mainstream classroom with their peers.  They may also receive targeted support from other adults or be withdrawn for intervention activities by members of the SEND Team. Children with hearing impairments are taught within mainstream classes as well as through withdrawals, small groups and 1:1 sessions.  All sessions are taught by specialist teachers/Teaching Assistants for deaf children. Current interventions include:


Communication and Interaction

Cognition and Learning

Social and  Emotional  Difficulties

Sensory and/or Physical Needs

Speech and Language Programmes (1:1 work and Black Sheep)

Additional interventions with class teachers for reading/writing/maths

Inclusion Manager Support

Medical Needs

Individual Health Care Plans/Medical one page profiles


Specialist intervention teachers

Meet and Greet

Individual Occupational Therapy programmes

Social Stories

Accelerated Reader

Lunchtime Nurture Group

Individual Physiotherapy programmes

Early Talk Boost/Talk Boost

Targeted MEP work

Empathic Behaviour plans

Physical Literacy



Key ring Strategies


Social Stories and Comic Strip Conversations



We also support families to improve attendance.


Adaptations to the Curriculum and Learning Environment

All children are entitled to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.  Reigate Park provides every child with Quality First Teaching. Children with SEND will be taught in mainstream classes.  Where necessary, children will have their learning supported through individual and group learning programmes to meet their specific needs.  The teachers, teaching assistants and support staff within our school, work on specific targets.  Children on the SEND List may be withdrawn, for small amounts of time, into small groups or individually for intense targeting from outside agencies.  Adapted learning resources and specific learning materials will be used throughout the curriculum. Deaf and hearing impaired children are generally taught within the mainstream classes, but may be withdrawn for some small group work, extra top-up, or pre-teaching, in a quiet environment.  They will also work 1:1 with Teachers / Teaching Assistants for the Deaf to address MEP targets. Visual learning resources and adaptations are used throughout the curriculum in order to support the needs of the ERF children.  Radio-aids and (where fitted) soundfield systems are used to enhance the listening conditions. Additional adaptations are made for children with physical impairments, on an individual basis, with the support of specialist outside agencies (see school’s  Accessibility Plan on website).

Staff Expertise

At Reigate Park we place an emphasis on ensuring our staff access high quality Continuing Professional Development.  In addition to training to deliver the interventions detailed above, specific members of staff have been trained in the following areas: National Award for SENDCOs, use of Epi-pens, Buccolam training as well as Speech and Language training. ERF teachers are qualified Teachers of the Deaf,  all ERF staff have additional qualifications in British Sign Language, and have received training in the Development of Language Skills.

Evaluating Effectiveness

Each year the SENCO will submit a SEND Information Report on special educational needs to the Governors who will discuss and report the main findings in their minutes.  The success of the school’s SEND policy will be evaluated by both the annual review of the policy and by the progress made in the action plan.  Pupil progress will provide evidence for the success and will be analysed carefully through:

  • Consideration of each pupil’s success in meeting individual targets
  • Consideration of each pupil’s success in relation to their intervention programmes
  • Pupil Progress Meetings
  • Consideration of progress made in relation to each pupil’s starting point

 Engagement in Activities

All pupils at Reigate Park are encouraged and supported to enable them to access a wide range of activities.  Staff are excellent at adapting activities to ensure pupils are able to experience success.

Emotional and Social Development

At Reigate Park we work hard to ensure that every pupil has the emotional tools to enable them to access activities within the school.  The pastoral care system includes class teachers, teaching assistants and an Inclusion Manager.

Links to External Support

Additional support from external agencies including Education, Health and Social Care is accessed as necessary. These include:




Educational Psychology

Speech and Language Therapy Team

Social Care

STePs – Educational Audiologist

Community Paediatrician

 Multi-agency Team Workers

STePs ASD Team

ADHD Nurse

 Behaviour Support Team

Nottingham  Auditory Implant Programme

School Health

Children’s Audiology


Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMs)

To find out more about the Local Offer from Derby City Council, detailing the services offered by the Local Education, Health and Care Authorities see the website below:  


The admission arrangements for ALL pupils are in accordance with national legislation, including the Equality Act 2010.  This includes children with any level of SEN; those with Education, Health and Care Plans and those without. In common with other maintained schools, the Local Authority (Derby City Council) administers admissions into the school.


As an inclusive school we promote education which values and accepts all children as equal members of the school community. We acknowledge children have the right to achieve as much as they can in their academic, physical, social and emotional development. Our SEN Policy reinforces the need for teaching that is fully inclusive. The Governing Body will ensure that appropriate provision will be made for all pupils with SEN.

For more detailed information click on: School Offer for Children with Special Educational Needs