Reigate Primary & Nursery School expect childen to extend their learning beyond the school day.  To achieve this, we greatly value the help and support given by parents at home.

Reading at home

We ask that parents share their child’s reading book with them as often as possible, talking about the pictures and asking questions to ensure the book is fully understood before moving on.  Our ‘rule of thumb’ for reading at home is little and often, so that children can build up their reading speed, phonic use and comprehension skills over time.  We ask that you note any reading at home in the Home/School Reading Diary so we can be sure to change the book and ask your child about what they have read.

Further details about your child’s homework can be obtained from your child’s Class Teacher.

Year 1 -

Year 2 - Super Starfish

Year 3 - Magnificent Monkeys

Year 4 - Busy Bees/Wonderful Woodpeckers

Year 5 - Perfect Penguins/Clever Koalas

Year 6 - Awesome Alligators

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